What Are Life Groups?

Life Groups are the core of what we do here in NineTen. They are an opportunity to learn from our awesome leaders and grow alongside friends who will edify you and push you towards growth in your relationship with Jesus.

Our life groups are single-gender groups of 10-20 students led by 2-3 leaders. Freshmen will be in a group with other freshmen, and sophomores will be with other sophomores. What you can expect to find in a life group is a bunch of students from all sorts of backgrounds with one common goal: learning more about what this whole Christianity thing is all about, and what it means to live as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Learn more about our team of leaders below!


Here at Fuel NineTen, we have an amazing hand-picked team of Life Group Leaders. These leaders volunteer their Wednesdays and Weekends to hang out with high-schoolers simply because they truly love connecting students with Jesus.